All Black Lives Matter

Osaku Treasures will be supporting #BlackLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter as it is a Black Owned Business. As it is a business which supports uplifting people. And lastly, as it is a business which encourages confidence and healing. Something that the black community has deserved years ago, yet our Men and Women are still oppressed, and dehumanized, which has impacted the balck community in tremendous ways both mentally, phsyically, and systemically. Enough is enough. 

In support of #BlackLivesMatter, #AllBlackLivesMatter, Osaku Treasures dedicates this page to share links to organizations which our customers can donate to, in sharing our same support for the movement. It is time for all of us to come togther as humans on earth, and fight for what is right, to fight for love, and peace. For as long as there is no justice, then ladies, gentlemen, and any unique identity which you identify, there will be no peace. 

Please feel free to email us ( ) with resources to share, and images! 

Click Organization to be redirected to their site, Learn, Share & Donate! 

Black Lives Matter Boston
The Loveland Foundation
Movement For Black Lives
Massachusetts Bail Fund
Know Your Rights Camp
Black Visions Collective
Access Equity Opportunity
Minnesota Healing Justice Network 
Pimento Relief Fund 
Untill We Are All Free
Black Lives Matter New York City
Black Lives Matter Chicago
Black Lives Matter DC
Black Lives Matter Denver Colorado
Black Lives Matter Detroit 
Black Lives Matter Los Angeles California
Black Lives Matter Michigan
Black Lives Matter Nashville Tennessee
Black Lives Matter Philly
Black Lives Matter Canada
The Innocent Project 
Color Of Change
Texas Organizing Project
Campaign Zero