About Osaku

Welcome to Osaku Treasures!

Osaku Treasures is founded by a young woman entrepreneur named Victoria Omoregie. Me! Growing up I used to have self esteem issues. Some of which was self inflicted insecurity that I gave myself through comparing myself to others, and some were inflicted by other people. Overtime I never saw myself as beautiful, and for years I had to fight my insecurities. I began to try new things to help push my progress. I would wear my hair in different styles, try to wear outfits that I would not typically wear, and in trying to figure out what would help me burst out of my bubble of insecurity, I found my passion and love for jewelry. 

I would put on earrings, and look at how earrings helped my face light up. I would put on a necklace, and watch how it was the one thing missing to top off my outfits. Rings, and bracelets would add that, “umph”, that I was missing. Jewelry helped me realize my glow, and helped me love the face that only I have. Jewelry challenged me to be confident in myself, because to wear jewelry that stands out, you have to be confident. And so, I became confident. 

I let go of my self inflicted insecurity, and I let go of insecurities that other people caused me to have, that I allowed myself to believe was true. I learned that I have the power to step into my confidence. I healed, and became a new woman, who knows that she is beautiful, and worth all the gems in the world! I created Osaku Treasures out of my Nigerian name, Osakioduwa, a name which I was always insecure about. Through stepping into my confidence I learned to own my name, and love it, for it is my name, my culture, and it is important to me just as if it were treasure. 

Osaku Treasures is a brand which inspires others to step into their confidence. To let go of their insecurities, and low self-esteem. Through each jewelry a customer wears, they are accepting a step towards their journey of stepping into their confidence. Osaku Treasures is honored to help others move closer to wearing confidence, and we will foster this mission forever.